University Stuttering Research Center
July 3, 2013


    D. Georgieva participation in ASHA annual convention, 2004 (Philadelphia, USA),


    Prof. F. Myers and D. Georgieva (ASHA annual convention, 2004, Philadelphia, USA),


    D. Georgieva and St. Sparangis (Greece) participating in European congress on Logopedics, Paris, 2000,


    Prof. Mirchev (rector of the SWU), Prof. K. O. St. Louis (Doctor Honorees Causa of the SWU), D. Georgieva, Prof. Van Borsel (Belgium), Prof. Vassil Stamov (Doctor honorees of the SWU) and Prof. Al. Rangelov (Dean) - picture from the official ceremony for obtaining Doctor Honorees Causa, 2005


    Prof. Hugo Gregory and D. Georgieva (Northwestern University, Evanston, July, 2001)